The Differences: Modern and Contemporary Furniture

The terms “modern” and “contemporary” mean the same thing to many people. But when it comes to furniture, they mean completely different things. When shopping at any furniture store in mid-Missouri, customers should expect the staff of those stores to know the difference.Modern furniture designs came into being during the years between World Wars I and II. Often called mid-century style, modern furniture is marked by its clean lines and simplicity. Glass and steel were two of the primary materials used in modern furniture, and any furniture store in Jefferson City should have a good selection of items made with these materials. Often plastics were used as well. When combined with glass and steel, plastic could give furniture a light look that was still heavy with style.Of course, modern furniture was not limited to those three materials then, nor is it today. Any visit to a furniture store in Jefferson City, MO will prove that fact. Upholstery was often used as well, but the fabrics were not as heavy as that which was used in early periods. It rarely contained printed designs, either. The staff of a furniture store in mid-Missouri-any part of it-will know truly “modern” furniture when they see it even if it was made last week.Contemporary furniture has been designed since the 1970′s, and every furniture store in mid-Missouri carries lines of this type of furniture. It is a blend of designs from all time periods, taking in the most attractive components of each. Contemporary furniture incorporates the dark woods of colonial design into delicate tropical forms. It matches steel arms and legs with upholstered seats and backs to create contemporary sofas and chairs. It accents glass with metals like copper and nickel. Stone tabletops are paired with legs made of exotic woods, or leather is paired with velvet to create a beautiful chaise lounge.Contemporary furniture can be found in any furniture store in mid-Missouri. It is as popular as any other design because it is a flexible style that suits almost any décor. Because it draws on other design periods, it fits with predominantly country or sophisticated décor. It can be the showpiece in a room filled with Asian-design. Upholstery patterns can be modified so that one particular contemporary chair blends into any style. Visit a furniture store anywhere in mid-Missouri and see.Of course, one of the hallmarks of contemporary furniture is that it is comfortable. Visit any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO, to verify that. The upholstery is softer, the cushions deeper, the woods sleeker. It is rich with detail and always functional. By contrast, modern design often is not quite as comfortable, although it’s definitely functional. Another difference is that modern furniture has few frills or detailing, while contemporary furniture relishes both.Anyone shopping at any furniture store in Jefferson City, MO is sure to discover pieces that appeal to them in either category. Prices for each can vary as well, providing all homeowners or department dwellers with pieces they can afford and love no matter what furniture store in mid-Missouri they choose to visit.

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