Home Based Business and Family

Being a work-at-home parent can sometimes be a challenge. When you work at home you are dealing with your family and your business in one place. As soon as you start your business be sure that your family understands that when you are working you are not available for other things.For this reason it is best to have a separate room in the house for your business. Your family will need to understand the rules. The rules being, that if you are in the office you are at work and are unavailable for other household duties, just as if you were at your office out of the home. It may be hard to establish, however, your family needs to realize that when you are in your office working that room is off-limits to other members of the family.Having your own home business means having the discipline to set regular office hours. By letting your family know the hours that you will be working, they will understand that you are not available for household chores or tasks as you are working just as if you had a regular job. Friends and family members will need to understand that is not fair for them to expect you to drop everything whenever they need you.Another thing about having a home business, is that you may want to have a separate phone line for business calls. Your family members need to realize that they should not answer your business line. You can set up your business line with an answering machine so that it will take messages for you
in a professional manner.You can work your business around your family, and example with the taking the kids to and from school. If you have to take your kids to school at 730 in the morning, then when she dropped them off you will work until you need to pick them up. If this is not leave enough hours in the day to run your business, then your family needs to realize that once they come home you may need to work for a couple more hours. As long as you set up some sort of routine that your family understands between personal and business, it will make the transition easier for everyone.

Bangkok-Pattaya – The Hottest Travel Destination

Bangkok has grown tremendously over the last two decades. It would not surprise you to know that Bangkok alone accounts for almost 45% of Thailand’s GDP. It’s not only the centre of economy but the seat of administration, focal point of cultural richness and monarchial history. Bangkok is therefore the heart and soul of the country. Bangkok has been among the first choice destination for foreign tourists who are on an oriental voyage.Pattaya, another popular destination in Thailand located very close to Bangkok draws beach and sea lovers around the world. It is very romantic place and is hot choice for honeymooners from the south and East Asia and the Australia.According to Travel and Leisure magazine it is Asia’s best tourist destination, the third in the world in 2006 and overall best city in the world in 2008. Bangkok had preserved its cultural heritage. Economic growth and fast growing infrastructure has not led to the sacrificing of the old heritage.The city boasts some of the country’s most visited historical venues such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun. Its not just the temples, palaces, parks that charm the visitors. Bangkok is a glittering city with mall dotting the cityscape. So it is a heaven for shopping enthusiasts. Especially people form Indian subcontinent prefer to do a lot of shopping in Bangkok as the costs are comparatively cheaper there. Thai gems are very famous around the world.Pattaya is famous for its beach resorts. Pattaya – Bangkok Honeymoon packages are very in big demand now a days in India. The fall in air fare and reduction in Visa charges have boosted outbound travel to Thailand from India this year. Leading the party are revelers and honeymooners

Get Your Online Education Certification While Working

Students come in many shapes, sizes and of course, learning styles. While most students are used to reading books and doing paper work, some opt to stick to high tech gadgets. While one student can learn effectively in a classroom setting, another can use the “learning by doing” style.There are institutions catering to such students and even provide opportunities to learn and earn at the same time. This approach is called the “co-op”, short for cooperative education where students can alternate periods of classroom study with gainful professional-level employment.In one such program, more than 2,000 students took on full-time jobs in a school term. Learning is achieved more effectively because the jobs are aligned to academic interests and because students are paid, it has even become a tool to beat recession.Such innovative ideas sprung forth from relatively new schools that provide online education programs, which gives students more balance with their time and more bang for the buck, so to speak. This is why getting an online education certification is not too far fetched an idea after all.An internet education certification can be your ticket to step up in the area of higher education. If done properly and with the correct accreditation, online education certification can provide you with the knowledge and direction necessary to ensure your career’s success as such programs can lead you to higher levels of education. Online education certification programs leading to Teacher Certification are now available thru online universities and can be your stepping stone to bachelor or masters degrees if desired.Among the many benefits of online education certification are the following:• Convenience – Flexible time management options enable the student to achieve balance between busy work schedules and personal activities. While mostly done in the convenience of online interface. Discussions on some important matters, though rare, like evaluations may require personal appearance.• Quality – Online education courses are prepared and conducted by duly trained, recognized and accredited instructors.• Interactivity – Real time interactions between faculty, students and other participants are possible due to online education certification programs’ innovative electronic learning approaches.• Practicality – Pragmatic internet education certification programs equip students with the right tools to participate effectively in innovations and instructional improvements in various subjects and disciplines.• Innovation – The educational institution itself that offers Online education certification programs behaves as a learning entity committed to lifelong learning, practice and innovation.